Frequently Asked Questtion

Generally, payment includes consulting session, application assistance & visa unless stated otherwise. For complex migration cases such as visa cancellation / rejected cases, consulting session is generally separately charged.


There is no guarantee as to how long it takes as this depends on several factors such as: case complexity, government & immigration regulation and client promptness in providing documents. However, as a rule of thumb it is advised to start the enrollment process at least 3 months before your study or visa expiry.

This depends on what you apply for, in general you will need to prepare identity documents, evidence of funds as per government requirements, passport photo and other legal documents. You will receive documents checklist to refer to after consulting session.

No. Acceptance rate are dependent on client background & risk profile. What we do is we assess your profile based on immigration laws & parameter and help provide additional comprehensive documents to minimize the risk of rejection. If by chance, after our initial assessment your profile presents a potential risk of rejection, we will discuss the possible pathways going forward and how to counter the risk of rejection before you start the actual application process. 

Generally, client will go through the following procedure:

-Consulting Session
-Payment which might be separated into two installments depending on what client apply for
-Documents Submission
-Documents Assessment
-Additional documents submission based on documents assessment
-*Medical Check Up (which is necessary for certain application)
-Interview Process
-Visa Outcome

The Migration Regulations require international students to show evidence of funds to pay for their course fee, overseas student health cover, travel cost and the cost of living including any of their accompanying family members while studying abroad. This helps to ensure students are able to make the most of their studies and have a safe and enjoyable experience. 


All students must declare on their visa application that they can meet the financial requirements for the remainder of their stay abroad. However, a savings history might not be required if you have applied for visa application in the past and are planning to extend your stay. You might also be exempted from having to provide evidence of funds if you are a passport holder of a selection of countries.


*Required minimum funds depends on the country you choose to study in. Talk with us to find out the exact numbers.

The costs will be subject to review and over time may be indexed to match increases in the cost of living abroad.